Across the Realms, Power is stirring. From the frozen north of Icewind Dale to the burning sands of Calimshan it is felt by seers and madmen alike and the very Planes gird themselves against the mind-blasting potential of what is to come when Aloundo’s last prophecy unfolds. When gods tremble and kingdoms fall, when the heavens and hell quiver before mortal ambition burning brighter than ever and when all that once was shall be seared away and made anew in the searing crucible of fire that will be… the Forging of a God!

Unaware of the true scope of the task they have undertaken, a small band of brave heroes have only just begun to take the first steps on the Path of Prophecy. But even in the deepest depths of his vilest madness, Cyric himself could not possibly have predicted where it shall take them, nor the suffering they will bear… or the riches they may claim before Fate is done with them.

The Forging of a God

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