The Forging of a God

Up to this point...

Will I get exp for this?

It seems like they happened so long ago now, those events that started our adventure.

I can’t even remember if we had the prophecy when we were attacked by goblins or if we took it from them. But that attack put us on the track of the Red Wizards of Thay whom had an interest in the prophecy. With the help of Lord Irontree (whom is now in hiding) we managed to piss off the wizards while acquiring a cloak of mysterious origin as well as mysterious mysteries.

Whether the cloak may or may not be a god, part of a god, tool of a god, good, evil, male, female, or all of the above, it has provided us with some help. The cloak revealed more prophecy on the prophecy that we already had though we do not know for sure if this is a continuation of the prophecy, the true prophecy, or a prophecy within a prophecy.

The cloak also seems to be insisting that we go to Evermeet. So we set out to do so.

Which is how we came into possession of a sex/torture chamber when we took the ship of a well known pirate who tried to attack the ship we were traveling on.

So we arrived in a large city known as Athkatla. Here we pissed off some librarians and struck a deal one Zak’kath the Everchanging and his associates. We would give them our floating sex dungeon and his bitch-mage would teach us how to reach Evermeet. We did know she was a bitch-mage at the time but it would later become evident when she set us up.

Valen Darkstar (AKA the Bitch-Mage) came over one night and taught us all the things we needed to know. With magic. In Athkatla. If I have not mentioned this before (I didn’t, don’t bother looking), Athkatla has no particular love of magic or its users. So she comes over and starts using magic like its the fourth of fucking magic July and then leaves before the magic police arrive. Why? Because apparently we would make a good distraction/fall boy while they killed a VIP.

So that’s why we were open to negotiating with the dregs of society for a safe way out of the city. We ended up cutting a deal, you know, because our last one went so well. The local mafia would assist our departure if we snuck out a couple of their friends during our egress.

Out of several options we chose to try sneaking out by traveling the catacombs beneath the city. The last session ended with the party posed to take on the undead who inhabit said catacombs.


Melkhor MrPortlySlim

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