Areon the Branded

Towering, horribly branded brute bodyguard


Actor: Glenn Jacobs

Race: Human

Nationality: Unknown

Age: Late 30’s or early 40’s

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Position: Bodyguard of Zak’kath the Everchanging and member of the Unbroken Circle

Current Status: Presumably at Zak’kath’s side


A towering giant of a man standing nearly 7 foot tall and tipping the scales at over 300 pounds, Areon would be hard to miss in a crowd, even if it wasn’t for the hideous brand in the shape of a demon’s claw covering a large portion of his face.

Silent and glowering, Areon’s freezing, dead eyes are if anything even more frightening than his burned face or the massive, twisted axe he carries strapped to his back and every fibre of his being practically exudes cold, calculated menace as well as a carefully controlled capacity for truly sickening violence. Clearly a veteran survivor of countless wars and battles, Zak’kath has little to fear from physical enemies with an enforcer such as this on his side.

Areon the Branded

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