Lord Irontree

Elderly and more than slightly befuddled scholarly Waterdhavian gentleman


Actor: Doc Emmet Brown Christopher Lloyd
Race: Human

Nationality: Waterdhavian

Age: Early 60’s

Alignment: Neutral Good

Position: Mid-tier noble of Waterdeep in good social standing

Current Status: Researching the finer points of Aloundo’s prophecies at his summer residence


Lord Lorgar Irontree has always nurtured a keen interest in all things old and of historical interest and has spent far too many of his years and far too much of his family fortune chasing the mad dream that was Aloundo’s Last Prophecy without any trace of success… until now that is.

A truly uncanny twist of fate, and some timely intervention from a band of unlikely heroes quite literally threw the key to his life’s work into his lap, and now that he has been safely hidden away in his scenic summer residence, for his own protection, to continue his studies he is eagerly awaiting what news his chosen “champions” might bring him of the Path of the Prophecy

Lord Irontree

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