Renal Bloodscalp

Scarred, lean and ruthless enforcer of the Shadow Master


Actor: Alan Tudyk (AKA a leaf on the wind)

Race: Human

Nationality: Amnish

Age: Mid-30’s

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Position: Personal enforcer of the Shadow Master

Current Status: Plotting with his fellow Shadow Thieves


A grim, scarred and thoroughly menacing figure, Renal Bloodscalp manages to pack a surprising amount of both ice-cold intimidation and outright bloody violence into his lean, leather-clad frame. A veteran of countless bloody skirmishes of the Athkatlan underworld, as well as the viciously ruthless internal “politics” of the Shadow Thieves organisation, Renal has nonetheless carved out a surprisingly stable niche of his own within the seedy recesses of scum and villainy that he calls home.

The personal enforcer (and rumoured favoured assassin) of the enigmatic Shadow Master himself, Renal is not a man to cross lightly as many rivals and would-be usurpers have learned over the years. His sense of humour is about as developed and healthy as his conscience.

Renal Bloodscalp

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