Valen Darkstar


Actor: Ellen Page

Race: Moon Elf

Nationality: Possibly Tethyrian

Age: Young adult at best

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Position: Student and protege of Zak’kath and member of his Unbroken Circle

Current Status: Presumably at large somewhere on the ocean with Zak’kath


A hauntingly beautiful sorceress of obvious power, if not control, who seems to alternate between the smoldering heat of Avernus and the freezing chill of Stygia at whim, Valen is an… “interesting” acquaintance to say the least. She appears to serve Zak’kath willingly in some form or another, but whether as his lover, apprentice or something stranger still is impossible to tell from a glance.

What is certain, however, is that the frail-seeming slip of an elven girl possess a truly frightening amount of sorcerous power, and an even more frightening attitude towards using it!

Valen Darkstar

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