A Sun Elf paladin. Tall, skinny, and dark haired. He values good deeds and knowledge. And himself.



Born and raised in Evereska, Yoninque has not experienced life outside of the secluded city.
He has been raised to Elven standards of knowledge however. While not very talented in the arts,
he has an appreciation of art and music. He very likely would have lived his life in Evereska
if Asha and her master had not invaded his lise. Afterwards, Yoninque felt he might serve his
people by working out in the world and now adventures far and wide to find knowedge, artifacts,
and friends.


During his upbringing he took a particular liking to Corellon,
chose to pursue a life in service to him. While Yoninque chose to
focus on channeling Corellon’s divine will, Corellon has arcana within his domain
and Yoninque has extensive knowledge in the arcane arts though he has not developed
the associated skills.


Background elements:
1. Worships the elven gods, with emphasis on Corellon.
2. Believes art and knowledge are an important part of good in the world, and will work to preserve them.
3. Prefers measured decisions over brash actions.
4. Not actually physically strong, his martial prowess comes a little bit from traning but mostly from using his head in fights and divine guidance.
5. Anything that brings darkness into the world, such as drow, undead, demons, etc, should be removed from the world.

1. Find and visit Evermeet, and establish relations between Evermeet and Evereska
2. (player) I want to see Yoninque at the forefront of an Elven revival in power. Recovering relics, rediscovering lost knowledge, and brokering alliances.

1. Yoninque, of course, knows about Evereska and all of it’s secrets.
2. Vaes Dwin’urdrenn, Yoninque’s father, has secretly joined an association of warlocks (he has also secretly become a warlock!) who want to steal the power of Evereska’s mythal.

1. Jay, a young girl he and Asha helped to save from undead.
2. Sam, whos inn often serves as Yoninque’s second home.
3. Icarias, an evil bard who bears a scar accross his face, courtesy of Yoninque.

1. Carrying Asha back to the city after her death.
2. The first time he channeled the might of Corellon to fend off a wolf as a child.
3. When he and a friend once managed to, as children, rig themselves into suits of plate mail. They both managed to fall over
during mock combat, and could not manage to get up for several hours when Vaes found them sleeping that way.


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