Zak'kath the Everchanging

Enigmatic Githzerai mystic and leader of the Unbroken Circle


Actor: Christopher Walken

Race: Githzerai

Nationality: Unknown

Age: Impossible to say

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Position: Leader of the Unbroken Circle and Spiritual Guru

Current Status: Presumed at-large somewhere on the ocean


A truly alien enigma in more ways than one, the robed Githzerai mystic calling himself Zak’kath the Everchanging is a being whose true motivations and plans are as inscrutable as his personal philosophy and decidedly odd patterns of speech.

Strange and exotic, even for an Outsider, what Zak’kath and his Circle’s true purpose in the City of Coin was can only be guessed at, but judging from the extreme reaction he and his followers managed to provoke from the Cowled Wizards, it must have been bloody work indeed.

Zak'kath the Everchanging

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