Queen Ellesime

Beautiful, otherwordly and eternal queen Suldanessellar


Actor: Cate Blanchett

Race: Eladrin

Nationality: Tethyrian (geographically)

Age: Functionally immortal, seemingly early 20’s

Alignment: Neutral Good

Position: Symbolic wife of Corallon Larethian and queen of Suldanessellar

Current Status: Watching events unfold from her throne within the Life Tree


The beautiful, otherworldly and almost divine seeming Ellesime of Suldanessellar is, according to the few mortals who have been fortunate enough to stand in her presence, undoubtedly one of the most stunningly gorgeous women to walk the face of Faerun. Ruling supreme over the secluded city of Suldanessellar, hidden in a pocket plane deep within the forest of Tethyr, Ellesime wields tremendous power as the ceremonial bride of Corellan Larethian and the representative of the Seldarine on Faerun. In her seat of power within the Tree of Life few beings short of Divine Powers are able to challenge her, and even fewer have tried

Queen Ellesime

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